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Bull Power Key To Achieving Compact Calving

Stock Bulls

Bull Management
If using sweeper bulls ensure they are easy calving as they are going on the late calvers. Difficult calving results in reduced production and reduced fertility in cows and especially heifers.
Bull power is key to achieving compact calving.
Ensure the ratio is correct, 1 young bull to 10-15 empty females, older bulls 1:20-30 females.
Keep inseminating until such time as your ratios will be correct.
Always inseminate for the first fortnight after the bulls have been released as well as the bulls serving them. This avoids a lull in the calving, allows your bulls time to settle into working and most importantly maximises your conception rate. This also works exceptionally well if your ratios are too high and you are experiencing difficulty.
When bulls are released to both cows and heifers following A.I. at synchronised heat, watch carefully for repeats and A.I. for 2 to 3 days if necessary

Young Bull First season
Young bulls need to be purchased 2-6 months in advance of mating.
Talk to your vet about health tests pre and post purchase.
Young bulls need this period for acclimatising to their new home, change in nutrition, hierarchy not established and for health testing and vaccination.
Pair them with another animal and avoid having them isolated on their own.
On arrival foot bath them and check for mortellaro.
Vaccinate the bull with whatever your herd is being vaccinated for.
Ensure each stock bull is fertility tested prior to the season.
Introduce medium to small females in standing heat for a few hours in a small paddock and observe the mating behaviour.
Repeat until he can serve successfully.
Now he can be released with females to pasture.
Ratio of 1 young bull to 10-15 empty females is the maximum that a young bull can mate and achieve compact calving.
Young bulls are still growing and need supplementary feed especially if running with the dairy.
Avoid loss of greater than 50Kgs in the first 2 months.
When Introduced to the dairy herd need to feed AM & PM at milking time, as 12 to 24 hour paddocks restrict intake of bulls who are active following cows, long roadways take a toll and time spent following cows resulting in less time to eat.
Monitor throughout season with a Chinball or scratch cards.
At the first sign of Lameness remove the bull and treat.

Older Bulls
Ensure older bulls are semen fertility tested.
Check their 2018 CR, calving ease & calf quality.
Check their legs & feet and mobility.
Need to be careful with older bulls as libido decreases.
Have them treated for parasites and vaccinated with the main herd.
Mature, fertile, active, mobile bulls can have a ratio of 1 bull to 20-30 females to achieve compact calving.


Posted on  Tuesday, 21 May 2019


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