AI Technician Service

The cornerstone of Munster Bovine's business is our AI Technician Service. As a group our Technicians deliver the highest standards of AI Service in the country.

This is achieved through technical excellence in semen handling and insemination, coupled with the ability to cope with the intensity of the Irish breeding season. Each Technician's commitment to providing the best possible service to herd owners is unrivalled. Munster Bovine AI Technicians consistently achieve high conception rates which for you the herd owner, drives a high 6 week calving rate and a low empty rate.


The Best Technology

Each AI Technician is equipped with the best equipment to optomise semen handling and insemination. All Technicians also use the latest handheld technology to ensure accuracy of work and a seamless delivery of service.


The Power of the Team

With over 160 Technicians covering the Munster area, the team has the scope to deliver for all our customers at peak when over 12,000 inseminations per day are completed. As well as covering each other, they can also team up for large synch jobs when required.


The Best Backup

Our Technicians have the full support of their area managers, the veterinary team, the laboratory team and breeding advisors and are encouraged to seek advice for any queries they or the herdowner might have.

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Training and Monitoring

Our Technicians receive continuous training to ensure they are fully up to date with genetics and any new technical developments. All Munster Bovine Technicians are continuously monitored to ensure they are achieving the best possible performance and operating to the highest standards.

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AI Technician Academy

Designed to deliver performance, the Munster Bovine Technician Academy is the envy of the industry. Every Technician undergoes an unrivalled three year training programme before they qualify to go on the road. The AI Technician Academy is the responsibility of our Technical Manager and Veterinary surgeon Dennis Howard. Experienced Munster Bovine Technicians are also involved in every practical session at our training facility and provide invaluable tuition and guidance to our trainees.

Meet Our Technicians

Booking an AI Call?

We now have a new dedicated text number for booking our AI Technician call service.

Simply text your BTE No. to 086 387 6259 before 12 Noon Monday -Friday, & before 10am Saturday, Sunday And Bank Holidays for same day service.

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Munster Bovine are committed to providing farmers with the best genetics and services to improve productivity and profitability ensuring a sustainable farm business for future generations.

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