Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) used in medicine, the food industry, and artificial insemination where it is used to store and preserve frozen semen. nitrogen freezing cells at -196ᵒC.

What is Liquid Nitrogen 

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) has several functions from being used in medicine, the food industry, and artificial insemination where it is used to store and preserve frozen semen. At -196ᵒC, liquid nitrogen works by freezing cells. The process of freezing semen in straws is scientifically known as “Cryopreservation”. Cryopreservation is a process that preserves cells (here being male sex cells; sperm), organelles, tissues, or any other biological constructs by cooling the samples to very low temperatures. This leads to the long-term preservation of superior genetics and facilitates for Artificial Insemination. For effective preservation, straws need to be immersed in liquid Nitrogen for the duration of their life as once they are thawed, they need to be used quickly as living sperm cells die rapidly when thawed. For this reason, regular monitoring of liquid nitrogen levels in AI tanks is essential to ensure correct storage. 

What is Munster Bovines Liquid Nitrogen service? 

Here at Munster Bovine our operators, provide a Liquid Nitrogen service to DIY farmers, doctors surgeries, and Clinics. Our main customer base being DIY AI farmers. Customers availing of this service receive an on-farm delivery of Liquid Nitrogen four times per annum.  If you require an additional or emergency top-up this can also be arranged at an extra charge.   

Prior to top up the liquid Nitrogen delivery driver monitors the level of Nitrogen in your tank. This data is recorded, so if your tank is below the recommended level of 10cm it will be flagged, and the farmer will be notified.  

Pricing and Billing 

Billing for Munster Bovines Liquid Nitrogen service occurs twice a year in June and December.  


Annual Liquid Nitrogen Service (4 Visits and 4 fills of liquid nitrogen) €360  

Annual Liquid Nitrogen Service (Discount of €60 for DIY Semen customers with annual semen purchases > €300) €300  

Single Visit and Liquid Nitrogen Fill €100/visit  

Emergency Call Out and Fill €150/visit   


Safe Handling of Liquid Nitrogen 

PPE: Never directly touch liquid nitrogen. Before handling liquid nitrogen always insure you have cryogenic gloves, a cryogenic apron, and head, face and eye protection. Never handle straws without forceps.   



Always store liquid nitrogen in vented containers fit for use. Containers should be kept in a dry, clean area and out of direct sunlight. Containers should always be stored in well-ventilated areas to prevent the build-up of Liquid Nitrogen Gas.  


Check the Level

Check liquid Nitrogen levels weekly. The tank should preferably be at least 1/3 full at all times. When topping up tanks do not overfill the tank. The level of nitrogen can be determined by the frost line which develops on the dip stick.  


Movement & Frosting

Containers with external frosting (condensation) should be replaced immediately as this is an indicator the container is experiencing rapid evaporation of the liquid nitrogen and an indication of vacuum loss. Never trundle, shuffle or drag liquid nitrogen containers.  



Use small forceps for handling semen or to remove it from the container. Inserting warm tubes into liquid nitrogen can result in injury. Always place the neck tube back onto the container before movement. Always be aware of liquid nitrogen splashing.  

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Contact the AI Team at Munster Bovine on 022 43228 between 8:30-17:00 .

Alternatively, you can request a callback. 

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