FarmOps is our mobile application, developed by our Vets. We serve our farmers by providing help and guidance on the following tasks:

  • Calf Registration 
  • Breeding and Fertility
  • Bord Bia
  • Milk Recording 
  • Treatments and Vaccincations
  • Weights 

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Tackle SCC Using FarmOps

For the first time, FarmOps brings SCC & treatments together in one place. Each cow’s SCC & treatment history is clearly presented. High SCC cows are displayed in groups:  

  • Cows suitable for treatment. 
  • Cows with a poor chance of cure. 
  • Cows with lots of cases of mastitis. Review quarter before treating. 


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Your Best Cows Ranked Quickly, Easily & Accurately with FarmOps

Using our new Milk Recording Lifetime rank, FarmOps makes it easy for you to find your best cows. With the Margin Analyser, find out why your best cows are your best. Is it genetics, days in milk, days dry, SCC?

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How much are you feeding your cows? Is it enough?

Should you be feeding 3, 4 or 5kg of nuts in the parlour? Based on your grass / silage input, FarmOps tells you what your average cow needs. You can also see the spread within your herd quickly and easily.  

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FarmOps For Dry Off

The FarmOps Dry Off Module seamlessly makes sense of all the relevant information relating to drying off cows, telling farmers What To Do and When To Do It! Two big questions that need to be answered for each cow in the herd:  

  • When she should be dried off? 
  • What treatment should she receive?
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FarmOps – Simplifying Dry Off Decisions

  • FarmOps users will receive weekly reminders of the cows to be dried off.
  • These cows can be viewed individually in detail or in their dry off group.  
  • They can easily be marked as dried with all treatments recorded in the remedies section. This in turn will trigger all relevant withdrawals to be calculated and displayed when cows calve down in the Spring.  
  • All cows can be viewed in table view with DIM, production information, SCC and mastitis details and their plan for dry off displayed together for convenience.
  • FarmOps will fulfill your compliance requirements while also rewarding your eff ort by using this data to generate trusted and accurate decision support. A great example is how mastitis cases and treatments will feed into the dry off plan.

FarmOps for Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) 

With the changing legislation relating to the use of anitbiotics, SDCT will be become the norm when drying off dairy cows.

FarmOps will ensure this transition is successful while eliminating the requirement for lengthy data analysis. 

Herd suitability – FarmOps will use all milk recording data from the current and previous lactations and will ask key questions to ensure the suitability of the herd and farm for SDCT. 

Cow suitability – Once FarmOps has established the herds suitability, herdowners can select yes for SDCT. FarmOps will then calculate the % of cows that meet the criteria for SDCT. 

The % of cows that herdowners wish to use SDCT on can then be selected. Cows that are not suitable for SDCT will be assigned a treatment category based on their milk recording SCC history and their clinical mastitis history. 

Cows not suitable for SDCT will be assigned a treatment category based on their milk recording, SCC history and their clinical mastitis history. 

Timing of dry off will be calculated for each cow based on the best available information – expected calving date (from recorded serves or pregnancy diagnosis) and days in milk. 

Vulnerable cows (1st lactation or diagnosed carrying twins) can be given a long dry period in addition to cows requiring a long dry period for SCC reasons. 


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Who benefits from the FarmOps Dry Off plan? 

All dairy farmers will benefit from the dry-off function in FarmOps. However, the more information that flows into FarmOps, the more feedback FarmOps will give you. FarmOps will make use of your milk recording data like never before.

Recording mastitis and treatments will result in actions and not just compliance and recording serves and scanning your cows will result in accurate, appropriate dry-off dates for all your cows.

FarmOps Remedies

The Health Events and treatments module in FarmOps will allow easy and accurate recording of all remedy purchases and animal treatments. This will help your herd to be more sustainable and efficient.  

Recording of remedy purchases and animal treatments in FarmOps will ensure you meet your Bord Bia and cross compliance obligations. A compliance report for purchases and treatments can be generated and emailed for your own records and for inspections.  

FarmOps has over 800 animal remedies preloaded and ready to use, with advice, warnings, and protocols for each product.  




FarmOps for Herd Health

The Herd Health module in FarmOps is completely new and available in no other application. For the first time, Munster Bovine Herd Health customers can access all of their current and previous Herd Health test results within the app. Each result is individually colour coded for easy interpretation. 

  • Herdowners can view which Herd Health programme they are subscribed to.
  • Test results for the last 4 tests are available for each disease with results colour coded for ease of interpretation.
  • FarmOps will alert you if new results are available.
  • Liver Fluke is also analysed in FarmOps over the dry period, giving valuable information on the effectiveness of the Liver Fluke control strategy. 

All dairy farmers who are Munster Bovine Herd Health customers will benefit. This module in FarmOps really brings the Herd Health Programme to life for the herd owner and will help achieve better outcomes for our customers 

Munster Bovine’s Vet team can harness the historical Herd Health information available in FarmOps which will facilitate a more informed one to one Herd Health Advisory end of year Vet meeting. Rather than looking at a point in time, all herd disease history can be taken into consideration and the best recommendations can be made. 

FarmOps for Breeding Success

Are your serves recorded on a breeding chart, whiteboard or in a notebook? Now is the right time to record this information in FarmOps. By doing this now you will see the following information for your cows:
  • Cows not served - these are for immediate action to get them in-calf.
  • Due repeat list - Cows that are 18-24 days since their last serve. Watch them for heat now if you're still breeding.
  • Cows served more than 30 days in the served list are ready for scanning.
  • When scanning, your serves will be shown to you, making entering scan results quicker and more accurate.
  • Entering serves gives you expected calving dates . This ensures that you can dry off at the right time and you are able to plan your calving season.
  • When registering calves, serves will be shown, so you can quickly record the sire of the calf.
Recording all your serves is quick and easy with FarmOps. 

The following key breeding metrics are available during the breeding season.

Expected in Heart FarmOps Icon
We will estimate the number of cows & heifers that should be on heat today. This will help flag to you if you have a problem with cows not cycling or heat observation very early.

In Heat/Served 18-24 Days ago FarmOps Icon
We will show you the number of cows & heifers that could repeat today. These are the animals to keep a close watch on in case of repeat.

Invalid Serves FarmOps Icon
We will count all your serves each day and check how many are valid (e.g. we will exclude 1 day repeats). This can be compared then against the target number of serves set daily for your herd. This will help you see how the breeding season is progressing for you. If you are not hitting the targets, there may be an investigation required.

Calves Not Served FarmOps Icon
We will show you the cows and heifers that are eligible to be served (calved over 35 days) and that are not yet served. This will help identify animals with problems easily.

Potentially Empty Cow FarmOps Icon
We will calculate each day the number of cows & heifers that are likely to be empty in the herd. This will help you to give you a view as to how the breeding season is progressing.

Mature Stock Bulls FarmOps Icon
We will show you how many mature fertile stock bulls that would be required to serve the potentially empty animals in the herd.

FarmOps Subscription - Dairy Herd

  • Herd Fee: €149 ex. Vat (€183.27 inc. Vat @23%)

  • Plus Per Cow Fee*: 50 cent ex. Vat / 62 cent inc. Vat @23%


  • Register calves & record animal movements. 
  • Record medicines and manage withdrawals. 
  • View all your animal’s details. 
  • Record all events eg. heats, serves, scans, weights, dry off. 
  • View milk recording results. 
  • Nutritional Analyser that is calculated after each milk recording. 
  • SCC management and monitoring of treatment effectiveness. 
  • Personalised dry off plan. Daily breeding insights. 
  • View latest and all historic herd health results. 
  • Create vaccination planner. 
  • Record feeds and sprays. 

FarmOps Subscription Charges - Beef Herd

Herd Fee: €149 ex. Vat / €183.27 inc. Vat @23% 


  • Register calves & record animal movements. 
  • View expected calving dates. 
  • Record medicines and manage withdrawals. 
  • View all your animal’s details. 
  • Record health events. 
  • Record heats, serves, scans, weights. 
  • Receive daily breeding insights. 
  • View weight performance – Average Daily Gains. 
  • Create vaccination planner.
  • Record feeds and sprays. 

Want to sign up to FarmOps?

Download your FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL today and save time, get clarity for your decision making and achieve a healthier herd for the next generation.


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