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Make decisions in the palm of your hand

FarmOps is a  ground breaking app from Munster Bovine that will allow farmers to make the best possible decisions. Our Vet led team have created this app to analyse farmers data and will provide them with trusted timely recommendations. This will save farmers time by bringing clarity to their decisions, helping them to achieve year on year gains and ultimately will ensure a healthier herd for the next generation.

FarmOps Offers:

• Tools to simplify day-to-day herd management

• Trusted recommendations to improve farm sustainability 

• A smart, simple solution providing value to dairy and beef farmers
in every interaction 

Remedies records are used for:

• Multi-day treatment reminders
• Withdrawal management
• Compliance
• Dry off plan
• Treatment effectiveness
• Culling

How is FarmOps different?

We make your day-to-day easier:

• Personalised task list outlines jobs for the day 

• Weight calculator for determining remedy dose rates
• Remedy protocols help you ensure prudent use of antibiotics

Data entered once is used as often as possible:

We help you achieve your yearly goals:

• Upcoming events are highlighted in advance
• Plans are created to allow you to maximize each event of the year
• Your progress at key times of the year is monitored against targets, giving you time to react if things are going off track






FarmOps Support Centre

FarmOps Promotion

FarmOps Promotion for Munster Bovine Customers* - Download today and enjoy FarmOps for FREE until Dec 31st 2021. To avail of this Special Offer get FarmOps here * Available to Dairy customers who participate in a Milk Recording Programme AND use Munster Bovine Breeding Services. * Available to Beef Customers who use Munster Bovine Breeding Services – Min of 20 straws / AI Tech serves.

FarmOps – Introduction and Getting Started

FarmOps is a new app from Munster Bovine that allows you make the best possible decisions for your farm. Dr. Doreen Corridan, Technical Manager, Munster Bovine, explains how FarmOps analyses your data and provides you with trusted, timely recommendations. All of your Breeding, Milk Recording and Herd Health information is available in one place and analysed like never before in addition to meeting your compliance and record keeping needs.

FarmOps – Milk Recording Production

FarmOps – Dry Off Module Introduction and Support

Dennis Howard Veterinary Surgeon with Munster Bovine gives an overview of the Dry Off Module in FarmOps. From telling you when to dry off your cows and what remedy to treat them with to compliance and even assessing your suitability for Selective Dry Cow Therapy, FarmOps simplifies decision making at this crucial time of year.

Denis O'Leary, FarmOps Customer Care, explains just how easy it is to record a dry off and add a remedy in the Dry Off module. Using FarmOps for Dry Off ensures greater peace of mind as compliance requirements are fulfilled and accurate dry off dates can be recorded and updated effortlessly with ICBF.


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