Munster Cattle Breeding Group

Munster Bovine Herd Health Programme Overview

Our Herd Health programme is all about helping Herd Owners achieve the best possible performance from their herds through maximising health and management. Participation in Munster’s Herd Health Programme will allow for the identification and management of diseases that limit herd performance. Through effective monitoring of herd health severe hidden costs associated with disease treatment can be avoided and overall farm efficiency and profit can be increased. 

What is involved for Herd Owner:

From a Herd Owner’s perspective, this is a simple and convenient process. 4 bulk samples are taken and tested automatically at 4 key times during the year. The below table indicates what diseases are tested for currently in our Herd Health Programme.




A number of programme options are available and Milk Suppliers can assess their options at the application stage.



Please note that all results can also be emailed to Herd Owners own VET at no extra cost if participating in Gold and Silver programmes.

Benefits of Herd Health Programme Participation

  • Recommendations on Vaccination Programme – Herd Owners are given expert advice about what to vaccinate for and when.
  • Reduction in Antibiotic Usage – There is much debate currently on the use of antibiotics in food producing animals and its impact on Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR). The best way to minimise antibiotic usage is to minimise the need for treatment in the first instance. Appropriate vaccination and control of parasites are critical to achieving this. Rising level of resistance to wormers and fluke treatment – more prudent use of these products is needed to ensure they continue to work effectively. Our bulk milk tests for fluke and worms are extremely useful for monitoring parasite levels in the herd and assessing response to treatment over the Winter period particularly Liver fluke which can severely impact performance in the milking herd.


End of Year Consultation

The end of year consultation is a full review of your herds performance. The Herd Health team compile all the available data from your herd including production, EBI/genetics. SCC/mastitis, Fertility, Nutrition, Johnes and disease / parasites. All areas are reviewed with particular focus on areas where improvements can be achieved. The key areas that are limiting performance will be identified and practical plans are agreed with the Herd Owner to achieve better outcomes


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