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New Milk Recording & Lifetime Summary Report - August 2020

We are delighted to introduce to our new Munster Bovine Milk Recording Report which includes a New Milk Recording Lifetime Summary Section for herds. Over the last two years, the Munster Bovine team have been working tirelessly to improve the existing reports and along with other changes, we believe that this new lifetime view of the cow will transform breeding, culling and herd health decision making going forward. For the first time, the milk recorded lifetime information for the cow is available after each test. Cows are now ranked within a herd based on milk recorded lifetime margin per day. This new approach will ensure herd owners can make quick, effortless, and profitable decisions for their farm.

The report is divided into two distinct areas: Production and SCC. In the production report, the top 20% of cows, based on their milk recording margin per day, are coloured green and the bottom 20% are coloured red. The aim should be to breed replacements from the highest genetic merit and the highest performing cows in the herd (Top 20%). The bottom 20% need analysis to determine the reason for their inferior performance.

In the SCC report, the herd is divided into four categories based on current and previous SCC tests. The SCC categories show you the number of cows in each category and their performance since their last test. This will allow quick monitoring  of SCC control programmes. For example, are herd owners achieving SCC control at milking? Is the herd suitable for selective dry cow therapy?

Download an information leaflet on this new report today which highlights the new features and benefits of this report and which also details how herdowners can make the best possible use of the information provided within the report.

New Milk Recording & Lifetime Summary Report FAQ

Download Sample Milk Recording Lifetime Summary Report


This new report is guided by farmer feedback and represents a significant leap forward in herd data availability and presentation. We are very confident that herdowners will find this new report very beneficial. For further queries on the new report, contact the Herd Management Team today 022 43228

Posted on  Wednesday, 19 August 2020


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