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FarmOps - The Big Winner at the National Dairy Show Innovation Awards 2020

Last week saw the first Virtual National Dairy Show take place over two nights on October 28th and 29th and Munster Bovine were delighted to participate in this hugely successful event which incorporated expert discussion panels, demonstrations, trade exhibitions, key note speakers and a trip down memory lane to view some previous show champions.


A hugely important element of the show was the 2020 edition of the National Dairy Innovation Awards which celebrated it’s ninth running of what is now a highly respected industry awards event.

The innovation awards acknowledges a new product or service, which has been launched in the past 12 months, which has revolutionised some aspect of dairy farming. As well as an overall winner,  awards were announced in four individual categories; scientific, technology, engineering and best start up.

The finalists of the awards were showcased at the Virtual National Dairy Show with the winners announced on the second evening. Munster Bovine’s FarmOps Milk Recording Module featuring new Lifetime Margin analyser was crowned Gold winner in the Science category and in addition it was also hailed as National Dairy Show Innovation award overall winner 2020.


Speaking at the announcement of these innovation awards,  Kevin Coffey, Chief Executive, Munster Bovine,  explained the significance of this module in FarmOps and what it means for Dairy Farmers going forward.

“The milk recording module in FarmOps allows herd owners to get the most from their milk recording results like never before.  By using FarmOps, herd owners can clearly see how their herd is performing.  You can find your best and worst cows using the new Milk Recording Lifetime Margin per day rank.  You can also find out what drives profitability on your farm with this Margin analyser in addition to identifying the reasons for the difference in performance for example;  Cows production level , Genetics - production sub index ,Herd Maturity, Long dry periods, Short lactations, Extended lactations, Short dry periods affecting subsequent lactations. This is game changing for Dairy Farmers as the milk recorded lifetime information for the cow is available within FarmOps after each test. This new approach will ensure herd owners can make quick, effortless, and profitable decisions for their farm. FarmOps analyses this information, sorts and filters it so that the correct actions can be taken for the best results”

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive these awards in recognition of the huge team effort and hard work that has gone into the development of the Milk Recording module in FarmOps and more specifically the margin analyser. It endorses our belief that Dairy farmers have a huge opportunity to get behind the reasons for underperformance in their herd and take appropriate timely actions based on this information that is available in FarmOps. We are delighted that this feature is now in the hands of our milk recording customers who can begin to work with the exciting new features in the app."

For more information on FarmOps see or download the app today here

FarmOps is Munster Bovine’s Farm Operations System, developed by our Vets and delivered through an app, that recommends the right task at the right time to Dairy farmers who want to see real progress.

Posted on  Thursday, 5 November 2020


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