Munster Cattle Breeding Group

About Us

Munster Bovine is Ireland’s largest AI service provider. Our roots trace back to Dr. J.J. R. Nagle who pioneered artificial insemination in Ireland in the 1940’s.  Today Munster’s base of operations stands in the very same location in Ballyvorisheen, Mallow, Co. Cork, where it all began.

Even though the breeding world has changed a lot since that time, the fundamentals remain the same embracing cutting edge technology, a strong motivated team, on farm application and the best genetics still remain at the core of Munster Bovine today.

Our reputation has been built on consistently providing the kind of superior genetics, related products, services and support that give today’s farmers a competitive edge on the world stage.


We provide a top rate professional service to herd owners.


Munster Bovine Group is 100% farmer owned through its co-op shareholders.

 Breeding Programmes

Munster Bovine Group and Progressive Genetics are the largest providers of AI services with over 75% of all inseminations carried out in Ireland. They also account for 98% of all milk-recording services.

In 2005, both Munster and PG established the National Cattle Breeding Centre (NCBC) as a joint venture. NCBC’s task is to run the studs and oversee the operation of Ireland’s largest Dairy and Beef breeding programmes.

Through the application of technology and know-how, our highly successful breeding programmes have delivered a line-up of independently proven superior sires to ensure today’s farmers demands are met in an efficient and profitable manner.

Our Dairy programme is based on fertility and health, with a strong focus on maximising profit from grazed grass, the programme makes maximum use of modern technologies, from genomic selection to data analysis, which allow the selection of the best grassland genetics for farmers in Ireland and beyond.

Our Beef programmes have 2 distinct areas of focus.

Beef for Beef Herd

This is designed to identify and test the best sires of each breed, for both terminal and maternal traits, which are commercially important to a successful beef enterprise.

Beef for Dairy Herd

This is designed to identify and test the best genetics for use in the dairy herd with the focus on ease of calving, short gestation and calf quality.

To date, both the beef and dairy programmes have been hugely successful, delivering a line-up of proven superior sires, meeting today’s market demands in an efficient and profitable manner.

Semen is available from all NCBC sires, exclusively in Ireland through Munster & Progressive Genetics.


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